Swansea Heads House

Swansea Heads House

Located at Swansea Heads, NSW, this project involved the demolition of a small existing residence and the design and construction of a new residence that is more suited to the site and the needs of the client.

The site itself is privy to dramatic northern views across Swansea Heads and back towards Lake Macquarie and a key concept of the design was to take advantage of these views and the natural northern orientation.

The layout of the house essentially turns its back to the street, while still having an appropriate street elevation it focuses itself towards the north with full height operable glazing directly off the living spaces. The lower level is more of an entertainment zone with living spaces for the children and a large undercover deck.

The scale of the residence was very much informed by its context and the functions required within. It pushes back into the slope to keep the overall height down and the uses various roof planes to reduce the overall scale.

Completed 2018. Builder: Evolve Co. Architectural Builders

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